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​Dyno Tune and FAQs

​Dyno Tune and FAQs

A Dyno Tune is where you make adjustments to your motorcycles. Key aspects such as: ignition, fuel level and air supply.  With these adjustments, your bike will perform at top notch with achieving highest horse power levels and showcase some serious torque all while maintaining optimal air fuel ratio.

Any motorcycle engine that has been modified previously should receive a Dyno Tune.  It makes no difference if your bike is naturally aspirated or injected.

We have a credible Service Department that has been trained and authorized to run the dynamometer (Dyno). These technicians have been trained in all of the latest and new software options available.

The time may vary depending on your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.  All Harley-Davidson® motorcycles are built differently so depending on your type of engine, it may take longer than another type of engine. We do not charge more than four hours of service labor for normally aspirated fuel-injected (two hours of service labor for normal carbureted) Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.